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American White Oak x 2 – Tawny & Ardbeg barrels


Step into the realm of whisky craftsmanship with this exceptional expression—a single malt that defies conventions and orchestrates a melodic blend of contrary flavours. This expression was fully matured in a single American white oak ex-Tawny Port barrel, before finalising its journey and enjoying 150hrs in an American white oak cask, previously used to age Ardbeg single malt whisky.

In this symphony of flavours, the opulent sweetness of Tawny Port dances hand in hand with the distinct Islay charm of peat smoke, creating a harmonious and balanced, full bodied masterpiece.

As the liquid is poured, the aromatic dance begins with a bouquet of sumptuous dark fruits, where succulent figs, raisins, and a medley of dried berries take centre stage. Mingling with this decadent fruit basket is the unmistakable essence of Islay peat—a maritime whisper that promises a sensory journey like no other.

The first sip unfurls the symphony, revealing the depth and complexity of the whisky’s palate. Dark chocolate, salted caramel, and the luscious sweetness of the Tawny Port-soaked oak create a lush backdrop. Yet, as the symphony reaches its crescendo, the Islay peat introduces a unique medley of orchard fruits—green apples, ripe pears, and a subtle citrus zest that interweave with the intrinsic whispers of smokiness.

The interplay of Tawny Port fruits and Islay peat is a sensory marvel. Each sip is an exploration of plump raisins, juicy blackberries, and the tantalizing contrast of Islay peat, which manifests as a captivating blend of coastal brine and earthy campfire embers. The marriage of these disparate elements results in a whisky that is both indulgent and invigorating, deep and full bodied.

The mouthfeel, akin to satin, envelops the palate in a progressive embrace. The finish, a lingering reverie, showcases the enduring appeal of Tawny Port’s sweet embrace and the Islay peat’s lasting influence—a union that beckons the drinker to savour the nuances with each contemplative sip.

This single malt whisky is a testament to the marriage of art and innovation. It invites enthusiasts on a journey through an orchard of dark and succulent fruits, accentuated by the unique allure of Islay peat. A triumphant fusion that captivates the senses, making it a must-have for those seeking a whisky that not only pushes boundaries but redefines the very essence of flavour exploration.



56% ABV


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