About Us

The Bond Store Pty Ltd trading as The Baroque Single Malt Whisky Company aka Baroque Whisky, are an Australian licensed alcohol manufacturer, based entirely in Australia.

We work exclusively with Australia’s best distillers, to design, mature and bottle Australian Single Malt Whisky, of world class standard.


At The Baroque Single Malt Whisky Company, we proudly stand as artisans of the spirit, cask and environment. We are dedicated to the pursuit of crafting world-class single malt whisky that embodies our core values: Contrast, Movement, Quality, Colour, and Provenance.


These values serve as our guiding principles, infusing our every endeavour with reason, purpose and passion.


Contrast: We believe that true artistry lies in embracing the diverse facets of whisky production. We celebrate the balance between tradition and innovation, marrying the old with the new, and juxtaposing flavours that surprise and delight. Contrast fuels our creativity, making every sip an exploration of complexity and depth.


Movement: Just as the river winds its way through the landscape, our whisky evolves through its journey of maturation. We value the dynamic nature of time, allowing our spirits to gracefully interact with the oak casks that hold them. Movement, and monitoring of the same, is essential to impart character, enable refinement, and drive distinct personalities into our whisky designs.


Quality: Quality is not a goal; it is our standard. We are unwavering in our commitment to crafting exceptional whisky that is world class. Every step of our process, from sourcing the finest ingredients to meticulously nurturing the maturation process, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and appellation.


Colour: The rich hues of our whiskies tell the story of their transformation over time. We honour the deep, alluring colours that emerge from the marriage of spirit and cask. This visual representation of the whisky’s evolution is a testament to the artistry of maturation, inviting enthusiasts to experience the journey through sight and taste.


Provenance: We embrace the connection between product and ingredients. Provenance is a cornerstone of our philosophy, reflecting our dedication to forward and reverse engineering a range of unique, niche and traditional expressions of whisky no longer found for sale. We proudly work with distillers who responsibly choose to work with farm owners to provide spent barley to their animals for feed, demonstrating respect for the environment and the communities we are a part of.


In all that we do, we remain steadfast in our commitment to these values. We raise our glencairns and snifters to the pursuit of Contrast, the beauty of Movement, the uncompromising pursuit of Quality, the captivating spectrum of Colour, and the profound significance of Provenance.


Welcome to The Baroque Single Malt Whisky Company, where we pour our heart and soul into each bottle, inviting you to share in the artistry of independent maturation and bottling of world-class single malt whisky.


  • Our whisky contains zero additives and is bottled directly from the cask, without chill filtering or flocking.
  • We are committed to bottling our whisky in a natural state which includes naturally occurring elements, barrel char, and in some expressions, grape vine ash.
  • Our non-cask strength expressions use water sourced from a natural spring in the Adelaide Hills, to finalise the offerings at specific ABV points >40%.
  • Our cask strength expressions are decanted from the cask directly into bottle in absolute natural state. They are in no way diluted and it is implied that our use of the term “cask strength”, only refers to “natural” cask strength, as decanted from cask.
  • Our use of the term “Port” or “Porto” in our offerings, implies that the casks used to mature our whisky, have previously held high grade Port that was made in the Portuguese Duoro Valley. The same applies to our use of the term “Sherry”, and its appellation to Spain’s region of Jerez.
  • All Maple syrup references refer to natural Canadian AAA Grade maple syrup.
  • Our single malt whisky is made using 100% Australian grown barley.

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